Thank you for visiting Wyrmwood Consulting.  We are now available in New Zealand to help you and your organisation be the best you can be.

On this mini-website you will find information on our offerings, links to more information about us, and how to contact us. Please reach out and let’s meet for coffee. It is so much better to get to know each other in person than through a website.


Wyrmwood Consulting was started in the United States many years ago, then moved to Germany and has now arrived in New Zealand.

It has served various purposes throughout the years. Whatever we’ve been doing, we’re always having a good time doing it. Wyrmwood Consulting today offers general buisness management consulting services to organisations serious about improving their offerings.

Wonder where the name Wyrmwood comes from? Ask us!


Hello,  my name is Tina Huesing and I am the chief consultant here at Wyrmwood.

My passion is helping people be their best. I do that by applying values-based leadership principles, change management techniques that engage all stakeholders, and a lean six sigma philosophy. Together we create a positive work environment that allows all to flourish.

Please visit my profile on LinkedIn to find out more about me.

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Looking for a resume you can quickly download? Here’s a copy.

Interested in a copy of my article about the nature of global leaders’ work?You can find it here.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me.


Please contact me by sending me an email at Tina.Huesing@wyrmwood.com

or call me

in New Zealand at 021 114 1623

in Germany at (0160) 9066 3751

in the US at (717) 669 9502

I am currently in New Zealand. So you’ll reach me immediately under the NZ phone number. Use the other numbers when I’m in country. If I can’t answer the phone, please leave a message and I’ll call you back.